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How does the program work?

Conventional | FHA | VA | Primary Target Market – We generate our bulk leads from several different paid ad campaigns. Our primary sources are Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Choose from three different packages. All of our plans are exclusive leads. Meaning we won’t sell them to any other brokers.
Our plans are a combination of Purchase / Refinance – If requested we can setup a campaign for reverse mortgage leads as well.

Who Is This For ?

High Volume Closers

Mortgage Stars

Newer Loan Officers

Choose From 3 Different Plans

Silver- Recommended for 1 -2 MLO’s

Gold- Recommended for 3-5 MLO’s

Platinum- Recommended for 6 or more MLO’s

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Gain More Realtors With More Purchase Lead Volume!

Aggressive Pricing – Close More Deals!

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Pay Per Leads

Are you currently generating a steady flow of leads each month? If you answered no, it’s time to change your marketing strategy. Period!!! You can’t wish for closings, you have to aggressively market. All the top MLO’s understand this. Simple Mortgage Math: 150 leads each month x .04 closing ratio = how many closings? Right, 6 closings. In baseball, if you got up to bat 150 times and only got 6 hits, you would be sitting in the stands, not in the dug out with the players. But in the mortgage industry 4% is winning. It’s all about the numbers, the more leads each month, the more opportunities too close. If you want to be a real player in the mortgage industry, you have to give yourself more opportunities to close… Period!!!

What If You Could Add Those Leads Into an Automated Follow Up System?

            Automation is the Key…

An Automated Follow Up System Can Easily Increase Your Conversion Ratio to 6% or Better

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